Sit inside a bottle and pretend

As March gives way to April, it’s time to update my #50Podcasts plan to listen to 50 podcasts (at least) in 2014.

To catch up I watched 6 of Dr Amal Mattu’s ECG of the Week cases on YouTube – I haven’t watched any of them this year. If you are unfamiliar with them, please rectify that straight away. I was lucky enough to have a full day’s teaching from Dr Mattu at an ECG symposium at the ICEM conference in 2012. He has the rare pairing you want in an educator: extensive knowlegde of the underlying subject, but he carries that knowledge in a way that doesn’t intimidate the audience.

The cases are usually under 15 minutes and cover a random facet of ECG pathology each week. I will endeavour to keep up with them for the rest of the year.

I also listened an old ercast on Trauma arrest, which was as good as always.

March also had the smaccGOLD conference from the Gold Coast in Australia. Smacc is social media and critical care and it is a conference which is only in its second year, but through being very social media-smart, has a strong presence and dedicated following already. I was watching a feed of the opening ceremony which stayed open long enough for almost all of Dr Victoria Brazil’s (@SocraticEM) opening talk on teamwork and interaction. It’s important to have “tribal pride” as part of an ED team, but you should not be in competition with other tribes, you should be in competition with what’s possible.

There is something fantastic about watching a conference live from Australia while following the tweets of the attendees and others enjoying it around the world. More smaccGOLD talks recorded at the 2014 conference should come online in the future. In the meantime, check out the feed of prior smacc podcasts. smaccChicago is planned for May 2015 – I really hope to be there this time.

Finally the EMCrit podcast is one that’s flown under my radar till now, there’s over 100 old podcasts to explore.

So, in total I got 8 podcasts done in March, putting my current total at 14/50.

Equilibrium imbalanced again

As it’s the end of the month, it’s worth checking in on how my #50Podcasts plan is going. I only managed 3 podcasts in February, and they are the three most recent missives from ERCast. Always well worth checking out, the best one was the thrombophlebitis edition, proving that globally there’s still grey areas in parts of PE/DVT/thrombophlebitis management.

This brings my grand total of 2014 podcasts to six. I need to do a few Amal Mattu ECG casts to catch up.

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And would you please explain about the 50 ways…


This is an idea I’ve been kicking around for 2 or 3 weeks. It arose after having a conversation with a specialist registrar where I was going on about technology and online learning, as I usually do.

Here’s the thought I had after that conversation: “I realy need to make sure that I listen to more emergency medicine podcasts regularly.”

Now, if you do listen to EM podcasts regularly, then well done. You’re dismissed.

If you don’t listen to EM podcasts regularly, you probably fall into one of these two groups:

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