Hey you down there with the glasses…

I have been thinking a lot about Google Glass since I first heard about it in 2012. In December, at the DotMed conference I had my photo taken by someone wearing Glass for the first time – they were in the Netherlands, and I was in Dublin, which made it more impressive.

I read this piece by Wired’s Mat Honen and the reaction to it by John Gruber and I wonder why Google Glass isn’t seen as a slam-dunk inevitable evolution of technology.

My excitement about Google Glass is as a clinician and the potential, low-cost solutions it could provide if used correctly. Mobile phones and latterly smart phones all had their initial success due to business/enterprise end users finding that the devices made their work easier. Clinicians have the opportunity to lead on this technology. I see myself writing a lot about Glass and other wearable tech in 2014.

The anxiety about whether Google Glass will thrive in the consumer market seems to rest on the social acceptablilty of people wearing camera-communicators on their face, rather than having them in their pocket.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

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