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Why is Apple buying Beats? Opinion #31247
(This post has nothing to do with medicine.)

I’m an Apple customer for many years. I’m also one of those fans who happily watches all the keynote presentations and follows the popular Apple news and rumour websites.

So like many, I was perplexed by the news that it seems Apple will be buying Beats for $3.2 billion in the next week or so. Why would they do that? Beats headphones are divisive in that you either think they are (a) a worthy expense which marks you out as a discerning audiophile and fashionista or (b) an idiot tax on people who put style over substance. Interestingly a lot of people also think (b) applies to Apple fanboys like me, and yet somehow it seems from the online discourse that Apple fans and Beats fans are mutually exclusive.

So why would Apple buy Beats?

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In this world where we live, there should be more happiness…

If you are of a certain age, and from certain parts of the world, Christmastime means Morecambe & Wise on the television. Even though it’s almost 30 years since Eric Morecambe died, their BBC shows from the 1970s remain a high watermark in television comedy. Looking at the tv listings for this week in 2013, there are three different Morecambe & Wise compilation shows on the BBC.

I recently read Little Ern, by James Hogg, a biography of Ernie Wise. As an emergency medicine doctor, the moments that stuck out for me were those recounting Eric Morecambe’s heart troubles.

Eric Morecambe had his first heart attack in 1968. He began to feel unwell during a week-long live engagement, which worsened as he drove to his hotel after a show. Unable to continue, he had to stop and get a passerby to take him in his car to the nearest hospital. According to the bio, he checked in to the hospital, was confirmed to be having a heart attack, and then… nothing happened.

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