I’m Dr Jason Carty, a consultant in emergency medicine at Tallaght Hospital in Dublin.

There are plenty of emergency medicine blogs that collate and create great content. If you are an emergency medicine practitioner, and you don’t check sites like Life In The Fast Lane or Academic Life In Emergency Medicine then go visit them now.

Instead, I started this blog to reflect the things I’m interested in that are going on around emergency medicine. I’m particularly interested in technology and all that the future brings. I have a Masters in Health Informatics from University College London which I undertook as a post-graduate in London between 2006-2009 while I was finishing as a Specialist Registrar. I had hoped that the Masters would enable me to solve every healthcare-IT conundrum there is, where in reality it made me realise how vast the area is.

In the few years since completing the Masters, consumer technology and social media have changed greatly, giving an idea of how healthcare & IT are going to evolve together.

Alongside this I’m interested in social media, music and various bits of popular culture. I am also a latter day convert to running.

This blog isn’t especially for EM doctors; nor is it for techy people particularly – although knowledge of those areas might help. It’s mainly to put out some ideas that wouldn’t have anywhere else to go normally, and see what’s in them.

I am on Twitter as @Doctor_J_ I tend to keep the medical Tweets to a minimum. I also have a professional site at http://www.jasoncarty.ie

The EM etc blog was started on December 15th, 2013. Parts of it will be a work in progress initially.

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