Fever’s Got Me Stressing…

A small anecdote…

This morning, an SHO presented a patient who had recently traveled to the Far East and had come back with some non-specific symptoms.

A little later, during lunch I’m flicking through my Twitter feed And I come across this Tweet by Dr Stella Yiu. She’s a doctor in Canada, it says so on her Twitter bio. Aside from that, I don’t know her. Here’s her tweet:

So I check the site for HealthMap, find that there’s an associated app, which I then download on my phone.

I now have a tool that can help me track and identify outbreak patterns in diseases from all over the world.

So I went back and traced the pateint’s locations on the app to see was there any reason for their symptoms. As it happens, there wasn’t.

But consider the network behind all of this: A doctor I don’t personally know, broadcasting information from a medical conference, which drives me towards a free app, that allows me to track global disease outbreaks, all for the benefit of one patient. That’s pretty amazing, huh?

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