When you’re tough and transparent as armoured glass…

It is CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – this week in Las Vegas. It’s the week when gadget makers show what they have in store for 2014.

Gorilla Glass, the makers of the toughened, scratch-resistant glass found on iPhones, have announced a new version of their glass with an anti-microbial layer which lasts for the life of the screen.

Meanwhile, Apple, who almost never announce anything in advance, are rumoured to be working on a 12 inch iPad for professionals and business.

Are you ahead of me here..?

A few years ago I was involved in the purchase of a new suite of monitors for an emergency department. It’s a serious commitment where you are locked into buying fixed system of hardware and software that you’ll be using for at least 5-10 years.

We are used to seeing apps as ephemera like games and entertainment. Imagine changing the paradigm where a 4K, 12 inch iPad is the monitor screen – a blank slate where you choose your monitor apps. Instead of the heavy down payment model that comes with buying equipment currently, we could have a subscription model. Hospitals could become more fluid about choosing who provided their monitoring software, maybe changing every year instead of being locked in to one provider indefinitely. Hopefully, that would drive prices down.

Sega used to be in the hardware and software business of gaming, nowadays you bring your own device and just buy their games off your device’s App Store. Will we get to bring our own devices for patient monitoring and the detail will be in the monitoring software? Would any of the monitor makers move in that direction? Of note, Philips already have an app that will check out your vital signs using the iPad/iPhone camera.


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