And would you please explain about the 50 ways…


This is an idea I’ve been kicking around for 2 or 3 weeks. It arose after having a conversation with a specialist registrar where I was going on about technology and online learning, as I usually do.

Here’s the thought I had after that conversation: “I realy need to make sure that I listen to more emergency medicine podcasts regularly.”

Now, if you do listen to EM podcasts regularly, then well done. You’re dismissed.

If you don’t listen to EM podcasts regularly, you probably fall into one of these two groups:

1 – What’s a podcast? Read this then go here.
2 – Go through periods of listening to EM podcasts, but then get distracted. You’ll open up the podcasts app on the phone and something like Desert Island Discs, This American Life or The Bugle will seem like it’s more fun. This readers, is me.

So the idea I have come up with is #50Podcasts – it’s a new year resolution of the mind. The goal is to listen to 50 podcasts in 2014. When you listen to a podcast, let the world know that you have done so via Twitter (or Facebook, but I’m a Twitter person) and use the #50Podcasts hashtag. I’d also add in a #FOAMed hashtag too, so the education is shared. And link to the podcast itself, if you can.

Feel free to throw in a few tweets about what you learned, whether the podcast was good or bad, etc. In other words, feel free to start a conversation about it.

#50Podcasts is less than one podcast a week! You can do it! If you need podcast ideas and links, Life In The Fast Lane has a great list of resources.

Obviously by starting this initiative myself, I have to do it.* Join me!

(* I’m going to try and avoid thinking about this which produces evidence that announcing plans leads to less success.)


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